Mindowaskin Park Frequently Asked Questions - The FAQ

Use Of Mindowaskin Park For Photography, Weddings, etc.
The Park Property is not available for rental per se. Permits to use areas of Town Property for commercial photography (and other purposes like ceremonies) in Mindowaskin Park are required and available through the Westfield Recreation Department. The WRD can be contacted during business hours at 908-789-4080 for more information regarding cost and availability of selected dates/areas. This property is very popular with brides, families, Scouts, film crews and photographers alike. Keep in mind that it is often reserved months in advance with the WRD. It is often best to have the photographer apply for the permit as a certificate of insurance is usually required.

Anyone wishing to hold a class, event or conduct any kind of business must receive permission (usually via a permit) from the Town of Westfield. A bond or proof of insurance may be required.

2016/2017 will see much construction in the Park and dredging of Mindowaskin Pond in preparation for the Park’s 100th birthday in 2018. Drainage, new walks and many other projects are on the wish list. The dredging work started in September of 2016, and it is reasonable to think that work could be going on through a good part of 2017.

The Park is open to the public during posted hours. Please be aware that there should be nothing attached to any structure or railings, no alcohol consumption is allowed on Town Property, no flames allowed (candles or campfire) and you are responsible for removing any trash/debris that your use might generate (artificial flower petals, streamers, balloons, etc.). There are no bathroom facilities in the park, nor public access to electricity and there is no parking of commercial vehicles within Park property/on Park Drive. Please be aware that the Presbyterian Church parking lot is private property and should be respected as such. It is up to the permit holder to insure these conditions are adhered to.

Friends of Mindowaskin Park

The Friends of Mindowaskin, Inc.
P.O. Box 87, Westfield, NJ 07091

Over 100 years of enjoyment
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